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Manikin and simulator for Emergency Rescue and Fire Rescue training, CPR training, Nursing training. | Design and Build Realistic Simulated Training Environment

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Rescue and Safety Products for – First Responder | Preparedness | Working & Rescue


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Tecsen Technologies Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia, in year 2007. Tecsen begin its business by providing engineering services and supplying works safety equipment to Telecommunications and Constructions industries. With our experiences in the industries, we realized the needs of the market. In-order-to support the industries with quality products and services, Tecsen has since expanded its business into the following main sections: Supply of Training Aids & Teaching Aids (CPR & Rescue Manikins, Nursing training Manikins and etc.) Supply of Fire and Rescue Equipment Supply of Occupational Safety & Health equipment (PPE) & Provide Training Services. We also venture into realistic simulated training environment business.

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Our Partners

We have the following companies under our belt. Each specialized in their respective field to serve your professional needs.
Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee
Emergency Rescue Training Manikins
EUROPE’S LEADING SUPPLIER OF RESCUE TRAINING MANIKINS & FIRE SIMULATION PRODUCTS. We believe that every training exercise should be interesting and realistic – we can help you achieve that.
Realistic Training Simulation
Fireware has been specialized in creating a Realistic Training Environment of all shapes and sizes for more than 11 years. Working alongside with you, together we can transform your current situation into a customized training facility.
Professional CPR Training Manikins
THE FUTURE OF CPR. Prestan develops and markets professional CPR training products serving the needs of the Emergency Response and Healthcare Markets worldwide from the USA.
Medical & Nursing Simulator
A Japanese company Specialized in Medical & Nursing Simulator and training manikins.
Nihon Kohden
Nihon Kohden
Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
Nihon Kohden, a leading manufacturer of medical electronic equipment from Japan. We are focusing at their AED product.