Prestan 2015 AHA CPR Guidelines Manikin

CPR Training Manikin Introductory Offer – Meets 2015 AHA CPR Guidelines

Introducing Prestan Adult CPR Training Manikins – Meets 2015 AHA CPR Guidelines As recommended by the updated 2015 AHA CPR Guidelines, Prestan has taken its innovative and patented CPR Rate Monitor to the next level of quality feedback. Not from Malaysia? Just fill in the form at the end of this page.  When students are practicing CPR compressions[…]

ruthlee exercise

Ruth Lee Duty Range Manikins and Exercise Unified Response

Exercise Unified Response with Ruth Lee Duty Range Manikins Take a look at the Ruth Lee Duty Range of Training Manikins in use during London’s largest ever multi-agency training exercise held over 4 days and involved teams from all over Europe – Exercise Unified Response.

International Conference on Maternal & Child Health Care

International Conference on Maternal & Child Health Care The International Conference on Maternal & Child Health Care will bring together leading local and international experts in the various disciplines in maternal and child health care to discuss on contemporary issues in or related to maternal and child health. 3rd – 4th March 2016, Kingwood Hotel,[…]

Visit to Fireware at The Netherlands

Fireware – Creating Realistic Training Environments. A visit to Fireware at Netherlands, a company that aspired to create a Realistic Training Environments by building simulation staging training environments. 22-27 February 2016, a fruitful & informative working trip to FireWare bv! Products Training (Smoke machines, Gas… Posted by TecsenTechnologies on Thursday, March 17, 2016