demo at Akademi BOMBA

Demo of Fireware’s products to Akademi BOMBA, Sarawak

Demostration of Fireware’s Vesta extinguishing trainer, Cumulus smoke generator that can produce smoke vertically to realistic build-up of smoke against the ceiling, which can also create simulated smoldering fire. A Sound Box that simulates sound of distress & effects that might occur during a fire incident is also demostrated to Fire and Rescue Academy of Malaysia, …

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Visit to Fireware at The Netherlands

Fireware – Creating Realistic Training Environments. A visit to Fireware at Netherlands, a company that aspired to create a Realistic Training Environments by building simulation staging training environments. 22-27 February 2016, a fruitful & informative working trip to FireWare bv! Products Training (Smoke machines, Gas… Posted by TecsenTechnologies on Thursday, March 17, 2016