Fire House Manikin

The Flame Retardant dummies are designed for high temperature ‘snatch’ scenarios with real flames and the chance of a ‘flash-over’. While the higher specification, flame retardant dummies demonstrate a good balance between temperature and abrasion resistance, they are not as robust as the general purpose range and should not be used for general training. General construction is similar to the General Purpose dummy, but instead uses a high tech H/D Nomex material for the outer carcass, the material being stitched using PTFE coated glass thread.

The protective overalls are also made using Nomex which is a polyamid-imide material that offers maximal protection against very high temperatures. It is permanently non-flammable and most commonly used in protective clothing against heat and flames.

Flame Retardant training dummies are fitted with genuine heat resistant fire-fighters safety boots, the boots greatly extend the life of the dummy protecting the legs if the dummy is dragged along the ground.

A separate hood, also made with Nomex material completely covers the head, being separate makes the fitting of replacement overalls considerably easier.

The overalls will easily withstand temperatures of 200-250 degs C, the average temperature at knee height for ‘hot fire’ training and only starts to ‘fail’ at temperatures in excess of 400 degs C and then it will be the fire boots that fail first. Flash-over temps greater than 1000 degs are withstood by the dummy for short periods but it should be noted that they will fail if placed too close to naked flames for any length of time (as any turnout gear would). We do have another FR model available for use with flammable gel for fire blanket and extinguisher training.

The dummies¬†are weighted to produce an anatomically correct weight distribution and the ‘feel’ of an unconscious patient and are available in 2 weights – 30kg and 50kg.

Please note – the high density polypropylene webbing seen on our other dummies cannot be used on this dummy as it will melt at the temperatures this dummy will endure.


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