Sakamoto “New TOMOKO” Nursing Training Manikin


The New TOMOKO is designed based on the nursing education program which is possible to be used in various practical subjects.  Its good flexibility and soft texture when touch facilitate realistic nursing practice.  Trainees can acquire a wide range of skills which is essential in clinical practice.  Basic nursing assistant skills to patient’s daily living needs as well as care skills associated with catheter insertion can also be practice through the manikin.

M102 practice

Height : 160cm

Weight : About 17kg

Material : Silicone


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Sakamoto Suction Simulator



The suction simulator is the basis of respiratory management where Endotracheal intubation and various types of suction training can be learned.

           This model is a simulator with a lifelike texture with its unique feature where the head can be moved easily to the left and right.  The simulator enable practices of various suction methods.



The suction of secretions not only possible to perform though the oral or nasal cavities but tubes can also be inserted via the oral cavities for the this training.

As the trachea has already been incised, suction with tracheal cannula insertion can also be performed on the simulator.

Weight : About 15kg
Case size : W68 x D34 x H32cm
Accessories : Simulated sputum , Lubricant oil (Silicone oil) , Baby powder, Funnel for rinsing, Tube for rinsing




















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Sakamoto Tracheotomy Trainer

The Sakamoto Tracheotomy Trainer unit enable trainer to practice on various methods of tracheotomy. Training on both conventional and percutaneous tracheotomy and puncture/ incision into the cricothyroid ligament is possible with the trainer.

For conventional tracheotomy, different types of incision can be performed including longitudinal, transverse, crucial, U-shaped, and inverted U-shaped incision. Simulating a patient in a supine position with the neck extended, the SAKAMOTO Tracheotomy Trainer allows the user to determine the proper incision site while identifying arterial locations, and to observe intratracheal conditions from the head.

More than one times incision is possible by reuse the trachea. You can turn the trachea upside down or inside our and the skin by sliding it to either side or turning it upside down.

Identification of arterial locations to determine the proper incision site and observation of intratracheal conditions are possible with the trainer unit.

Weight : About 5kg
Case size : W51 x D42 x H20cm
Accessories : Trachea 3 pieces, Skin 3 sheets, Lubricant oil (Silicon oil) , Baby powder, Storage case


















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