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Prestan AED Trainer

The Prestan Professional AED Trainer provides quality, durability and affordability like no other trainer in the market. Clear, confident voice instructions that provide easy-to-follow directions and preconfigured scenarios make training students easier. The revolutionary Pad sensing system also increases the practicability of the Trainer.

• English/Spanish capability
• Compatible with any CPR manikins
• Can be used to train in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions
• Metronome and counts upward by 10’s ending at 30 to help the student with chest compressions
• Includes a scenario, volume control, and language button
• Includes 5 scenarios
• Pads can be used at least 25-30 times during CPR/AED classes
• Contains a pad testing system
• Pads are pre-connected
• Pads have an embedded ‘switch’ in the pad which senses that the AED Trainer pads are attached to the manikin torso
• The silicone base adhesive on the pads, coupled with the foam structure
• Software Modules meets AHA 2010 guidelines and modules are easy changeable when there is new guidelines or change of languages
• Powered by 4 units of “C” Size Batteries
• Remote Control is optional and available separately




KASK Plasma Work Helmet


  • Helmet with an innovative design, light, compact, comfortable and well ventilated thanks to 10 air intakes that keeop the head cool at all times. Air intakes protected by an aluminium anti-intrusion grille.
  • Provided with a fast, simple and effective size adjustment mechanism consisting of a wheel with a rubber grip on the back of the helmet.
  • The outer shell is high density and shock resistant.
  • The internal shell in HD polystyrene has ducts for air flow and recycling.
  • Provided with external lamp clips made of strong nylon, compatible with all helmet lamps available on the market.
  • Soft polyethylene headband, fixed to the external shell without rivets.
  • Inner padding consisting of two separates pieces, headband and disc, fully removable and hand or machine washable at 30°C. Non-allergic, cool, moisture wicking and odour resistant fabric.
  • Chinstrap with four fastening points at the back for a better fit. Fixed to the shell without rivets. Quick fastening and opening with a safety release system in compliance with EN 397. Provided with two soft polyethylene side retractors to regulate the length of the straps.
  • Provided with a ring to hook the helmet onto a harness.
  • May be fitted with the KASK visor.
  • Compatible with all Peltor ear defender with P3A screw attachment and for all ear defenders with bayonet Peltor and MSA junction through its special adaptor.


External Shell : P.P. Polypropylene
Internal Shell : HD Polystyrene density 50 gr/l
Headband : PE Polyethylene
Size : Universal-adjustable from size 51 to 62
Weight : 380 gr (visor and ear defenders not included)
Standard Approval : CE EN 397
Color : Red, White




The Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer is a one of a kind training device that CPR instructors use to realistically teach the abdominal thrust maneuver.

The Anti Choking Trainer’s design is simple yet effective.  It is a lightweight neoprene vest worn by students that allows teaching of the abdominal thrust maneuver in a variety of realistic scenarios.  When correct hand placement and technique are used, a soft foam plug shoots from the trainer, instantly providing a strong visual feedback that students will never forget.






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