CPR and Anti Choke practice with LL Group

CPR and Anti Choke practice with LL Group at Mc Donald MJC, 24 November 2018. 

We have Mr. Kho Kui Tai as our lecturer who sharing the knowledge with the members from LL Group on this day.

Mc Donald, MJC

Start of the day, we went to the Mc Donald located at MJC around 8:30 am.

tools for the training
3x CPR Manikins, 1x Anti Choking Trainer, 1x Nihon Kohden AED 3100K, 1x AED Ultra Trainer
CPR Manikin +Ruth Lee Manikin (Body Part Only)

Preparation for the training tools

“Let’s start our talk/lecture today. So, who never learn CPR before?
How about anti-choking? “

“Okay, take out your smartphone and search for it. Yet, I would like to know what is the proper steps that used to perform CPR and anti-choking.”

Time to have some practice for anti-choking

“So, after research, does anyone here knows the proper steps to anti-choking? Cause the man over there is now suffering the pain of choking, would anyone like to lend a hand on him?”

“Okay, guys. Don’t be shy. Let us have some practice for anti-choking training. Is it okay to do it wrongly, I will direct you to the right path. Well, no one. Then I choose you, brave man.”

Practice make perfect

“Well done, guys. If you see a guy who doing this action which mean he/she need help from choking.”

“Stand behind the person and lay one of your leg between his/her legs near the pelvis. Then, wrap your arms around the waist. Grab your fist just above the person’s navel. Afterward, pull inward and upward quickly to help the person puke.”

“After that, perform a total of 5 abdominal thrusts. If the situation still remains the same, then keep doing this by perform the last action which is pull inward and upward above the person’s navel.”

“Okay, start practicing between your colleague and colleague.”

“Don’t you ever try to use your finger to take out the foreign body stuck at the victim’s throat. Why? If the victim suddenly move or get shocked, he/she will definitely bite off your finger or you will push the foreign body more deeper which make the situation worse.”

Slideshow time

Time to learn about CPR with AED:

Explain about AED:

“That’s why I need a CPR manikin today. Please do exactly like me. When you performing CPR, please do elbow lock which ensure that your hand won’t bend and yet save your strength.”

Start CPR training:

“This is how we perform CPR with AED. Please reposition the casualty’s body position like this”

How to perform Baby CPR:

End of the practice: