HSE Exhibition 2019

Get invited to participate in the HSE Exhibition during the Menara Sarawak Energy HSE Week Campaign 2019.

With the launching of the HSE Week Campaign at Level 2, Auditorium, Menara Sarawak Energy, we are invited to participate in the HSE exhibition on 29th 0ctober 2019 to present our HSE information and service at Level 1 Atrium, Menara Sarawak Energy from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm.

The objective of the campaign is to create a Health, Safety and Environment awareness amongst staff, contractors and visitors at Menara Sarawak Energy.

To increase the safety awareness, we have introducing our products, Nihon Kohden AED 3100K, Prestan CPR Adult Manikin, and Prestan Trainer AED to all the visitors as well as teaching them how to use these tools.