Nihon Kohden Cardiolife AED-2100K

AED - 2100KNihon Kohden Cardiolife AED – 2100K

The Nihon Kohden Cardiolife AED – 2100K is constructed with simplicity in mind.  It’s user friendly and with only 3 easy steps to save a life, anyone can use it.  The AED (automated external defibrillator) is ideal for use in emergency case and can be easily operated by anyone.  The simple voice instructions will guides the user safely and systematically through the resuscitation process.

Step 1 : Turn on the AED
Step 2 : Attach the Electrode Pads
Step 3 : Press the Shock Button

When the defibrillator has detected a heart rhythm that is advisable for defibrillation, the AED-2100K will automatically starts charging process and indicates when to press shock button.  The AED-2100K comes conveniently with Adult/ Child defibrillation pads where the defibrillator can be used for child by changing pads and mode switch.

Switch mode

When using the AED-2100K, data on resuscitation is collected and saved.  The AED-2100K can save 90 minutes of ECG date with event information.  In addition, the AED has a self check function with daily and monthly test which can be saved and read for maintenance purpose.

Each day the AED-2100K tests itself in order to monitor the functionality of the device, battery and electrodes. The test results is then indicated in the form of a red/green status indicator (green = fully operational) that is clearly visible without needing to open the device.

AED-2100K Bluetooth interface will enable user to transmit saved data and test results wirelessly to a PC where they can be conveniently viewed through its report viewer.


How To Use An AED?