Fireware Cumulus

Fireware Cumulus

The Fireware’s FireSales Cumulus is developed, based on years of experience of FireWare. The machine can easily and quickly fill a room with smoke, but can also create a smoldering fire, since the output is adjustable from 1 to 99%. Up until 48% a continuous output is possible. You can make a vertical column of smoke by putting the machine on its backside. This generates a realistic build-up of smoke against the ceiling.

The enclosure is made out of robust stainless steel and has 6 vent holes for optimal heat discharge. The front side of the machine is equipped with a Storz connection. This way you can easily connect a smoke hose. Furthermore, the Cumulus has a build-in timer and control via DMX is possible.

The Neutrik connector can easily transfer power to another device, for example a fire blaze spot. The smoke machines comes in a plastic box from 60x40x32.5 centimeters, including 5 liters FireSales Medium smoke fluid and a remote control with 10 meters of cable.

Our FireSales Stratus has an output twice as large as the FireSales Cumulus.


Article Number O02-012-001
Power Consumption 230V, 50Hz / 120V, 60Hz 1300W
Dimensions 50.3x25x24.5 cm
Weight 10.5 kg
Material Stainless steel
Download PDF
Size: 191 KB Version: 2015-2016


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