Fireware Firesales Nimbo

Fireware FireSales Nimbo

The FireSales Nimbo smoke generator is very practical, easy to operate and easily fills up a space the size of a large office or hotel room with smoke. The compact size and the high quality makes it a perfect device to work with in many training situations.

The machine is ready for use in less than no time with a warm-up period of only 2 minutes. Also very easy during an exercise that requires continuous and consistent smoke supply because the Nimbo is capable of generating smoke continuously. Use FireSales Heavy or Outdoor fluid to fill up larger rooms with smoke completely.

The FireSales Nimbo is supplied including a wired remote control. A wireless remote control is also possible. Comes with a useful Plastic box of 40 x 30 x 32,50 cm.


Article number O01-012-001
Power consumption 800W
Material Partly stainless steel
Weight 3.83 kg (5.51 kg with plastic box)
Download PDF
Size: 80 KB Version: 2015-2016


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