Fireware Mini-Silkflame

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Fireware Mini-Silkflame

A silkflame imitates a seat of fire with the combination of a silk cloth, lights and a ventilator. A realistic flame is created in less than no time. It is a matter of connecting the plug to the power point and pressing the start button.

The flame of this FireSales Mini-Silkflame is 30 centimeters high. As a result this flame is very suitable for exercises for emergency response officers. Place the Mini-Silkflame in a wastepaper basket or cupboard. Also ideal as a surprise effect or for post reconnaissance in fire fighter training.


Article Number O11-012-001
Power Consumption 230V
Dimensions 25 x19 x 17 cm
Weight 3.05 Kg
Operation On device


O57-006-094 Spare Bulb Red 12 V – 20 W
O57-006-017 Spare Bulb Blue 12 V – 20 W
O13-004-001 Spare Silk Cloth
O38-091-008 Plastic Box 40*30*23.5 cm
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Size: 76 KB Version: 2021
Weight 3.05 kg
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 17 cm


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