Fireware Smoky Multi Socket

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Fireware Smoky Multi Socket

The Smoky Multi Socket looks like and works like a multiple socket. But when the switch on the connected wired remote control is turned on the socket starts smoking and crackling softly. A short-circuit starts… When the plug is removed from the socket the effect quickly stops. After all, the ‘danger’ has subsided.

The Smoky Multi Socket is super-suitable for practical and theoretical classes. After all, the multiple socket can extend anything, from a hand blender in a kitchen up to a teacher’s laptop during a theoretical class. Test the response of your students with this unique smoking multiple socket!

The multiple socket has 6 power points, 4 of which are working. A small smoke generator is built-in in between the contacts. When the smoke element is turned on, the LED light is on. A syringe to fill up the generator is supplied. A bottle of smoke fluid is also included.


Article Number O25-O12-OO2
Dimensions 3O x 21 x 11 cm
Weight O.75 kg
Voltage 23O V
Voltage smoke unit 16 V
Protection IP 2O
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Size: 76 KB Version: 2021
Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 30 × 21 × 11 cm