Fireware Vesta

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FireWare Vesta

The FireSales Vesta is small and compact, but it generates a huge flame. The size of the flame is adjustable. The extinguishing trainer weighs less than 21,5 kilo’s and that makes it easy to carry. Ideal when you need to set up a training by yourself!

To make the Vesta compatible for any situation, FireWare developed active add-ons. Active means that they work on their own gas supply. The Vesta has a special exit and a separate button on the remote to activate the add-ons.

Thanks to FireWare’s experience with many extinguishing trainers, the Vesta is supplied with clever tricks: it’s light, it’s small, it has a clear, industrial remote control and cutout handles, it comes in a plastic Box and it is built from separate modules for quick maintenance and reparations.


Article Number O49-012-001
Power Consumption 12V battery
Dimensions 55 x 34.9 x 27.1 cm
Weight 21.36 kg
Material Stainless steel
Plastic Box
60x60x44x44 cm included
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Size: 178 KB Version: 2021
Weight 21.36 kg
Dimensions 55 × 34.9 × 27.1 cm