NIHON KOHDEN Defibrillators TEC-5600 Series

Transitioning back to Life

Saving Life
Shock Efficiency on Demand


Fast shocks and continuous observation

Less than 4 seconds: It takes less than 4 seconds to charge 200 J with either AC power or a fully charged new battery. Faster charging time helps you deliver energy quickly when VF is observed.
3 seconds: ECG baseline recovers within 3 seconds after defibrillation. The defibrillation result and patient condition can be monitored quickly

Even in AED mode…

Continuous VF analysis is available on TEC-5600 series. With this function, the ECG waveform can be analyzed even during CPR and energy charging starts before the shock is advised. This helps you deliver faster defibrillation than ever before.

For more effective defibrillation…

20 ms: It is important for effective defibrillation to deliver all the
necessary energy to patient within 20 ms.

Nihon Kohden’s unique ActiBiphasic® technology keeps the 2nd phase duration within 4 ms. This reduces total energy delivery duration close to 20 ms even in high impedance patients.

Restoring Life
Assure Effectiveness of Resuscitation

Ensure advanced airway management and high quality CPR

Nihon Kohden’s cap-ONE® is the world’s smallest and lightest mainstream CO² sensor. It is suitable for emergency sites because of the simple heater-less design. This CO² sensor has a fast response which is helpful to confirm tracheal tube position, ensure quality of CPR and be an early indicator for ROSC during CPR as recommended by international guidelines.

Minimize pause during CPR

Nihon Kohden’s pads, P-700 series are less affected by baseline drift during CPR compared to conventional pads. They minimize the CPR pause period as ECG waveforms can be seen even under chest compressions


Sustaining Life
Post Cardiac Arrest Management

You won’t miss arrhythmia…

Nihon Kohden’s ec1 arrhythmia analysis algorithm can drastically reduce false alarms.
You won’t miss arrhythmia by using TEC-5600 series with high reliability arrhythmia alarms.

Arrhythmia detection is indicated by the alarm indicator, alarm sound, and alarm message on the screen.

Decision support
of post cardiac arrest

The ECG of before and after defibrillation can be reviewed on a PC with optional viewer software. The data help the doctor determine the treatment for a patient who is brought to the hospital after collapsing outside the hospital.

Smart transportation

ECG, CO² and SpO² sensors and cables of TEC-5600 series defibrillators can be used interchangeably with TEC-8300 series defibrillators and Nihon Kohden patient monitors. You don’t need to change sensors and cables on the patients; just connect them to the other devices for smooth transportation.


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