Ruth Lee Body Recovery Training Manikin

Ruth Lee Body Recovery Training Manikin

A pre-established protocol is essential for victim retrieval – the body recovery manikin was predominately designed to aid Police dive teams train to recover bodies from any inland waters or under the ice.

The manikin is a variant of the popular Water Rescue manikin – but instead of floating, it sinks. By balancing the buoyancy against the ballast the manikin weighs 50kg on land but only 10kg underwater.

The body recovery models are visible to sonar devices – the gallery image was taken using a Cmax CM2 Side Scan and Kongsberg Sector Scan Sona.


  • Anatomically correct weight distribution allows for realistic body ‘bagging’ as part of training exercises.
  • This manikin will easily withstand a fall of 5 – 6 meters into the water with no damage – they are tough!
  • Constructed using a H/D reinforced Nylon mesh for the carcass and non-absorbent closed-cell foam for buoyancy – mesh allows water to flood into the body to allow it to sink and out as it is being recovered.
  • Mesh allows for ventilation when the manikin is hung up to dry – a polypropylene loop to the back of the carcass allows the manikin to be lowered into position or hung up to dry.
  • The addition of a realistic face and a wig enables easier/quicker identification of the body in poor viability when the search is by touch only.
  • Polyethylene strips running from the shoulders to the knees allow flexibility but prevent the manikin from bending in half when using stretchers or recovery devices.
  • Replaceable coveralls and boots are easily replaceable and greatly extend the life of the manikin


  • Nylon mesh – conforms to BS3408/20
  • Reinforced P.V.C  – conforms to BS3408/20 and ISO 7854 1984
  • High density polypropylene webbing (25mm rated to 207Kg, 50mm rated to 440Kg)
  • Polypropylene plastic (conforms to DIN EN ISO 1873, Teil 1)
  • Non-absorbent closed cell foam – water absorption : 1 Day  < 0.1 (DIN 53428 1986) 28 Days  < 0.5% VOL
  • Supplied complete with a protective overall constructed in tough Polyester (conforms to BS EN ISO 15025:2002) – the same material used in Police ballistic/stab vests.
  • Made in the UK – all manikins conform strictly to our ISO9001:2015 standards.


  • Regularly exported to rescue professionals in 26 countries worldwide, with the USA, Australia, and Germany being our biggest markets UK Fire Services
  • Police forces throughout the world.
  • USCG (United States Coastguard)
  • Brisbane Water Police
  • State Emergency Services – Australia
  • Surf Life Saving Club WA


Name Code Height (m) Weight (kg) NATO Stock No
Toddler RLNBR10 0.9 10
Youth RLNBR30 1.3 30
Adult RLNBR50 1.8 50
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