TruCorp AirSim Advance X

TruCorp AirSim Advance X
Product code: AA91100X

Adult Airway Management Training Manikin

TruCorp AirSim Advance X features the uniquely constructed AirSim® airway and an anatomically correct nasal passage for visual accuracy and realistic feedback during airway management procedure practice. The durable and true-to-life airway is certified for over 20,000 intubation cycles. Silicone simulated skin covering offers a lifelike feel and more precise articulation during bag-valve-mask ventilation training.


  • Innovative AirSim® airway and nasal cavity created from DT DICOM data
  • Anatomically correct internal features and visually accurate landmarks such as turbinates
  • Inflatable tongue bulb to simulate edema
  • Replaceable lung bags inflate with successful ventilation
  • Optional difficult airways available for more advanced training


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