Fireware Mini Flashover Trainer

Fireware Mini Flashover Trainer

The Mini Flashover Trainer is meant to simulate a miniature backdraft or a flashover. This way you can practice smoke,  ow, temperatures and flames. With this trainer you can watch the entire development and build-up of a backdraft or a flashover and practice door procedures. With these door procedures you can use a plant spray as an extinguishing agent.

The trainer is wood-fuelled and has a boiler and a pyrolisis room. These spaces can be separated with a sliding door and are each in turn supplied with an outside door. The oxygen supply and smoke exhaustion can be regulated by means of the slideable roof on top of the trainer.

The pyrolisis room has a window that allows you to follow the development of the fire. Supports have also been installed which allow for demonstrating the development of a  re in spaces with a suspended ceiling.


Article number: O49-027-001
Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 60 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Mini Flashover Trainer 2015-2016

Size: 61 KB Version: 2015-2016

Training / Simulation
Simulation, Fire and Rescue Training
Fireware Mini Flashover Trainer
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