Ruth Lee Manikins for Aviation Firefighting Fitness Test

Ruth Lee Manikins

Ruth Lee Manikins are used for Aviation Firefighting Fitness Test at Changi Airport, Singapore.

Protect and save lives, minimise property damage, and facilitate the quick return of the Changi aerodrome to normal operations is the mission that motivates Changi’s Airport Emergency Service (AES). Speed, Skill, Safety are the three words on AES badge at the chest of each firefighter’s uniform. With that, officers in AES know that they are the team to be counted on to make a difference when the unexpected happens.

It takes specialised skills, endurance, and sacrifices for AES firefighters to earn that trust, recognition and honour.

On May 4th, 2021, the International Firefighters’ Day. Changi Airport sends their hunkiest legal counsel Mr. Eddee Peh to find out what does it take to become a firefighter. He is with Shamin from Changi’s Airport Emergency Service.

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Changi Airport Group’s Airport Emergency Service (AES) keeps the airport and runways safe.
In order to prepare AES firefighters with the skills and confidence needed in fighting aircraft fires. Their firefighters need to go through a series of drills and training as part of their daily routine.


Passenger Rescue

Fresh Airport Emergency Service firefighters need to go through a 12-week course to learn the fundamentals of ARFF. It is both mentally and physically challenging. They will need to undergo rigorous training which includes a series of hot-fire drills and technical drills to learn how to handle different types of emergencies at the airport.


Aviation Firefighting Fitness Test AFFT

From the video, what do you think is the toughest basic Aviation Firefighting Fitness Test?

To me, I think station 3 is the toughest, that is to carry the 80kg Ruth Lee Manikin / Dummy for 10 meters in less than 20 seconds!


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