Bariatric (Obese) Rescue Training Dummies

vWe now have available our first bariatric dummy weighing in at 180Kg! It is designed for a team of at least 4-6 people to rescue. It is supplied complete with a carrying sheet (pictured) to assist in carrying and positioning the dummy flat out.

Obesity is a very real problem in the UK and across the world and judging by government figures the problem is getting worse. Rescue teams will need to consider how they will deal with casualties of this size and this dummy will enable realistic training to take place.

We have worked very hard to achieve a ‘fluidity of movement’ with the weight rather than just producing a heavy ‘lump’, so we think it will be very realistic to work with. The fluidity of movement is created by distributing the weight in 1/2 Kg weight in pockets across the surface of the dummy.

The Bariatric dummy is based around a 100Kg general purpose dummy with a further 5 layers over the top, these being a mixture of the weighted layers and foam cushioning that enables the weight to slide from side to side; the effect is actually very realistic.

This is a real ‘team effort’ dummy !