General Purpose Rescue Training Dummies

The General Purpose training dummies are our most popular models for the common rescue scenarios such as working at height, confined space, USAR, RTA etc and general handling exercises.

They are weighted to produce an anatomically correct weight distribution and the ‘feel’ of an unconscious patient.

Crucially, these training dummies totally eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising being inflicted on trainees, a common injury when using plastic bodied dummies which usually have hard limb joints – for example when a hard knee joint folds over the forearm of a trainee. Our training dummies have soft outer layers and have no hard joints – in fact you can forcibly wrap a knee joint around a trainees forearm with no risk of injury.

Available in 7 sizes and weights from the baby 5kg up to the very heavy 100kg Adult (100kg model usually used for testing harnesses and fall arrest equipment).

The construction methods of the General Purpose training dummy are described in the product detail below.

These training dummies are tough enough to be buried under concrete, have steel lintels, concrete slabs, trees or motor vehicles laid upon them to present a realistic scenarios for rescuers.

The optional protective overalls keep the training dummy clean, and greatly increases the lifespan; they are produced using cotton/polyester woven fabric and are reinforced with high density polypropylene webbing in identified high stress areas. The ends of the arms are further protected with Nylon reinforced PVC. The machine washable overalls are fitted to all sizes of dummy.
The General Purpose training dummies can be used in temperatures up to 100ºC. Above this temperature or where ‘flash-over’ may occur we recommend using our Flame Retardant Rescue Training Dummy.

All training dummies of 20Kg and over are supplied complete with Wellington boots. The boots protect the legs if the dummy is dragged along the ground.

The General Purpose training dummy is ideally suited for ‘dry’ rescue conditions. If it gets wet it needs to be hung in a dry airy place to dry before storage. For a wet environment rescue scenario, such as a chemical spillage, storm drain or cave rescue where the dummy needs to lie in water for any period we recommend using the HazMat Rescue Dummy which has the same inner construction but the outer carcass is made of a tough nylon reinforced PVC material which is ideally suited for this purpose.

All training dummies are screen printed with a warning triangle, a handling risk note and space for you to record the asset number the date of purchase on the head. These dummies have been issued with NATO stock numbers as below.

Product detail

As can be seen from the image opposite with the overalls removed, the Multi Purpose training dummy has an outer carcass of 425g rot-proof canvas with all seams double stitched. High density polypropylene webbing provides extra strength and durability, especially at the high stress points.

The flexible inner core is weighted to human proportions using 2Kg packets of 5-10 mm crushed, washed stone aggregate. The weight packets are then sewn into a nylon inner, with all these body parts (arms, legs, chest etc) tied to the outer carcass using Polypropylene webbing. This method of construction prevents ‘slumping’ of the weight pouches and allows the dummy to maintain it’s shape when in use.

These inner components are separated and padded using 25mm polyurethane foam which results in a dummy with the life-like feel of a real casualty.

The new shaped head, also recently introduced, allows the fitting of most types of immobilisation collars, allowing this additional technique to be included in the training scenario.


If the head gets badly soiled you can now remove the red head cover and wash it.

Sakamoto Tracheotomy Trainer

The Sakamoto Tracheotomy Trainer unit enable trainer to practice on various methods of tracheotomy. Training on both conventional and percutaneous tracheotomy and puncture/ incision into the cricothyroid ligament is possible with the trainer.

For conventional tracheotomy, different types of incision can be performed including longitudinal, transverse, crucial, U-shaped, and inverted U-shaped incision. Simulating a patient in a supine position with the neck extended, the SAKAMOTO Tracheotomy Trainer allows the user to determine the proper incision site while identifying arterial locations, and to observe intratracheal conditions from the head.

More than one times incision is possible by reuse the trachea. You can turn the trachea upside down or inside our and the skin by sliding it to either side or turning it upside down.

Identification of arterial locations to determine the proper incision site and observation of intratracheal conditions are possible with the trainer unit.

Weight : About 5kg
Case size : W51 x D42 x H20cm
Accessories : Trachea 3 pieces, Skin 3 sheets, Lubricant oil (Silicon oil) , Baby powder, Storage case


















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The Act Fast Anti Choking Trainer is a one of a kind training device that CPR instructors use to realistically teach the abdominal thrust maneuver.

The Anti Choking Trainer’s design is simple yet effective.  It is a lightweight neoprene vest worn by students that allows teaching of the abdominal thrust maneuver in a variety of realistic scenarios.  When correct hand placement and technique are used, a soft foam plug shoots from the trainer, instantly providing a strong visual feedback that students will never forget.






Lets review the video how it works



Prestan Face Shields / Lung Bags

Use the Face Shield / lung bag by itself or with Prestan’s Filtered Face Shield

Easy-to-insert face shield lung bag speeds setup of the manikin.

Full chest rise and lung bag ensures that students receive the most accurate and realistic training.

Prestan Professional Adult CPR Manikin

Introducing the Prestan Adult Professional Manikin.
The future of CPR/AED training manikins!

Realistic to the eye and the touch, the Prestan Adult Professional Manikin is unlike any other on the market. Available individually or in convenient multipacks of four for class training purposes, Prestan manikins are uniquely designed as a clamshell that accommodates an easy-to-insert face shield/lung bag.

Prestan’s revolutionary new CPR Rate Monitor allows for instant feedback to both instructor and student regarding the rate of chest compression. This allows each student to gauge their rate of compressions on their own as well as allowing the instructor to monitor several students quickly and easily.

And with patented face/head tilt, the Prestan Professional Adult Manikin simulates the way an actual victim’s head would move if he required CPR. In addition, the unique construction of our manikins incorporates a mechanism to help them use the correct force to compress the chest to the correct depth.